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Experience…“Since 1983 Merrimack Insurance & Retirement Planning Services have managed over 25,000 individual health benefits, retirement plans and/or life insurance and disability programs for our clients and their employees.”

-Mark Krupkowski, Financial Services Representative




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My mission is to help individuals develop financial objectives, and achieve those objectives through various financial products and investment services that are designed to meet their present and future needs.

My goal is to help you make informed decisions about issues that affect your financial well being so you can achieve financial freedom.

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Baystate Financial  and Merrimack Insurance & Retirement Planning Services are  marketing names for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166 (MLIC).  Insurance products are offered through MLIC and other insurers. Securities products and services are offered through Registered Representatives of MetLife Securities, Inc. a broker-dealer (MSI) (member FINRA/SIPC).  Investment advisory services are offered through MetLife Securities, Inc. and/or Baystate Wealth Management LLC, each a registered investment adviser.  MLIC and MSI are MetLife companies and are unaffiliated with Baystate Wealth Management.