Financial Planning


The 6 Pillars of Financial Planning

Financial Position
Cash reserve strategies – debt. management – cash flow strategies

Net worth – discretionary income – expected large inflow/outflow – lines of credit

Protection Planning 
Disability options – long-term care-timing/prem/coverage – umbrella liability – life insurance

Medical/health – property & casualty – deductibles vs. cash reserves – policy status

Policy loans – beneficiary designations – special needs situations

Alternate/add'l coverage strategies

Investment Planning
Asset allocation – education planning – lump-sum accumulation

Options/restricted stock/non-qualified deferred compensation – ongoing investment fees

Risk tolerance – tax implications – cost basis – timeframes – diversification strategies

Dollar-cost averaging – market timing issues

Tax Planning*
Tax reduction – tax deferral –  future taxes due – withholding

Tax diversification - qualified investments – non-qualified investments

Effects of liquidation – filing status - Business ownership – non-traditional ownership

Retirement Planning
Minimum distributions – pre-591/2 strategies – 401Ks – IRAs – Medicare/Medigap

Social security – Roth conversions - Income streams – income streams-transitions

Health care – tax transitions – risk of tolerance transition – timing issues

Estate Planning
Estate balancing – capital transfer – asset ownership – trusts – wills – trust funding – IRD

Succession planning – special needs dependents – minor children – generation skipping

Short-term life expectancies – estate liquidity


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