Wealth Management Services

At Merrimack, developing client partnerships has always been a top priority. Our philosophy is simple: To provide you with the right products and services, we have to thoroughly understand your company's needs, goals and priorities. Only then can we deliver a unique business solution befitting your unique business situation.

Our approach to Wealth Management services is a good example. We first prepare an in-depth profile of your risk tolerance and time horizon, as well as short-term and long-term financial objectives. We then develop and recommend appropriate asset allocation strategies that could include anything from individual stocks, bonds or annuities to a mutual fund.

Once your investment plan has been implemented, we continually monitor its performance in light of such considerations as changing market conditions, new product offerings and recent company developments. In short, we closely manage your strategy to ensure continued compatibility with defined business goals.

For more information about our Wealth Management services, please click here or call us at  978-975-4040  978-975-4040 .


  Asset Allocation Strategies
  Portfolio Management
  Mutual Funds
  Individual Stocks & Bonds
  Managed Accounts
  Variable Annuities




Securities and investment advisory services are offered through qualified registered representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC, Member SIPC. OSJ: One Marina Park Drive, 16th Floor Boston MA 02210. 617-585-4500. CRN202408-703447


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